About Us

We are an established business with well over 10 years experience in Paving, Retaining Walls,( Sleeper, Block and Blue Stone), Moss Rocks, Steps, Storm water, Excavations , and Complete Landscape projects

Our main focus is job longevity, so we look at ways to eliminate any possible problem areas, focusing on the design and workability of your project

There are many contributing factors to job longevity

  • All projects must be based from solid ground not loose fills
  • Certified base material with tested compaction rates
  • Compaction around inground pipes including sewer and Storm water
  • Correct filling procedures
  • Water Solutions / settlement areas where the water may lie or flow

And most importantly the Basework,
The correct basework preparation will continue to withstand time.

Many jobs fail simply because of the short cuts taken in the basework, which are not generally seen or noticed until your warranty has expired, then it is too late so we suggest you choose wisely and choose a qualified company with years of experience and loyal co workers who strive for perfection

McLaren Vale Paving & Landscaping

RSD 1400 Meadows Road, Hope Forest SA 5172

P.0 Box 1187, McLaren Flat SA 5171
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  ABN : 69 110 980 896
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